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Frequently Asked Questions

Perscale is an application portal and app streaming service launched by Perscale. Perscale enables you to select applications, and start using them without downloading or installing anything.

How Perscale Works

Perscale hosts applications in the cloud and streams them to any device–laptop, smartphone, or tablet. All that’s needed is a web browser. Your applications run on the Perscale portal, so you can save your work and return to continue using them on anytime on any device you want.

Unlock the Power of Your Computer or Mobile Device

Perscale started with the idea that with all the technology available in this day and age, you should be able to use any app you want, on any device, whether it is your laptop, smartphone, tablet, phablet or watch.  Yet most apps are still developed the “old school” way – they are built specifically for a given OS and can’t be used on another, e.g., apps built for Android or Windows will not automatically run on iOS and vice-versa.  While storage has moved increasingly to the cloud with services like Dropbox and Google Drive, the app world has lagged behind.  Until now.

We solve that problem by hosting the applications in the cloud and streaming them to you so you can use any app on any device you want through a regular web browser.  No more waiting for the iOS or Mac OS version of a Windows or Android app or vice versa.  No more constraints on what software you can use on which device because of processing limitations.  For example, with Perscale you can run the full version of Photoshop on your iPad or Chromebook, or the MS version of Excel or Access on a Mac and much more.

Say Goodbye to Downloading, Installing and Updating Apps

Despite all the hype and promise of “cloud” and “SaaS”, most users are still required to download, install and update their apps, even if they just want to try new software.  Perscale delivers on the promise of the cloud by offering an easier way to use the apps we love and need, regardless of device or OS, and by lowering the bar for developers to publish their apps and reach a broader audience.

We just thought it was about time to get our heads out of the cloud and leave our apps there instead, where they belong!  If everything is in “the cloud” and I’m using “Software as a Service,” why do I still have to download, install and deal with software?  We wondered that too.  And then we stopped wondering and built Perscale instead.  With Perscale, you don’t need to download or install anything.  All you need is a web browser.  Login, pick your app and start using it right away.  We just thought it was about time to get our heads out of the cloud and leave our apps there instead, where they belong.

Storage, File Sync and Sharing

With Perscale, your files, documents, pictures and videos stay in the cloud too.  Perscale offers online storage that is totally integrated with your apps so your files are always up to date, regardless of which device you use.  You can save that cool photo, sharp presentation or amazing video you just created on Perscale in the cloud instantly using our own proprietary online storage service.  And of course, you get 100GB free when you sign up for our beta service.

Yes, we believe free is nice, but freedom is awesome!  So have integrated all of our application delivery platform with major cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive so you can use the apps on Perscale and save the files you create with the cloud storage provider of your choice.   If you already use another popular cloud storage service, you can just link it to your Perscale account and start using it right away.

Safe and Secure

Even if you spill your coffee on your laptop or phone, don’t worry.  All of your apps, files and data are safe and secure in Perscale, and you can continue using them right away. No need to waste your time downloading, installing, configuring or updating anything on a new (or another) device.   Perscale secures your files with 256-bit AES encryption and two-step verification.

Say goodbye to viruses.  Because of the way we host and run the apps in the cloud, viruses, Trojans, and other malware cannot get to them.

Mobile Device Management

Perscale’s management portal makes it easy for businesses to securely manage all of their users and devices, as well as the applications to which they should have access, with a single click.   Because Perscale hosts the applications and storage entirely and securely in the cloud, it allows businesses full control over who can access what.  If devices are lost, stolen or damaged, there are no security risks or the need to perform “remote wipes”.   In addition, businesses can save significantly on the cost of hardware and management, since all the processing happens in the cloud.




Access your applications where ever you go with Perscale.