Run Any Software on Any Device




Get Ultrafast Processing Power on Demand

Save thousands on computer hardware

No installation needed, just open a web browser

No more viruses or slow computer issues

Get 1TB free storage when you sign up for our beta service.


Access powerful productivity apps on
the simplest of devices.

Login & Go

All of your apps, files and data are accessible via Perscale. Touch up that picture on Photoshop on your iphone, Chromebook, or desktop–all you need is wifi.


Processing power via a web browser;
you just need internet access.

Be Cloud-Powered

Your hardware will never again be obsolete. Your files, documents, pictures and videos stay in the cloud. Perscale offers online storage so your files are always up to date.


Work from whatever device you want,
wherever you want.

Be Free

Perscale offers free storage, file sync and sharing that is fully integrated with all of your applications. We’re integrated with Dropbox so you can save your files straight from your app to your preferred online storage provider.


Be Safe & Secure

Say goodbye to viruses. Because your apps are in the cloud, viruses, Trojans, and other malware cannot get to them.

Perscale secures your files with 256-bit AES encryption and two-step verification. Even if your device is damaged, lost or stolen, all of your apps and files are always ready to go, wherever you are.


Access your applications where ever you go with Perscale.